Why you Need a Side Hustle right NOW!

Why you Need a Side Hustle

We were lied to as kids. I grew up in the 80s… and at this point in time, most of my friends parents had one job, and they had held that job for years if not decades.  Nobody was talking about side businesses or side hustles or multiple streams of income. Well not in my home […]

Is Paying for Google Adwords a solid Marketing Strategy?

Paying for Google Adwords

Oh what a question… where do I begin? Let me tell you something…. I have literally tried all types of paid ads since I became an entrepreneur in 2003. Yes I am that old. I have tried giving out magnets and pens, I have wrapped my car several times, and I have paid for subscriptions […]

Working from HOME when you have little Kiddos

Working from HOME when you have little Kiddos

Let me tell you something… when you have a full house, getting any sort of privacy is just not going to happen, and I have come to accept it. While I was married to my ex husband for 9 years, we had 7 children together. When we first started dating, our kids were between one […]