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start a side hustle or build a business

Are you ready to finally launch your own business and work on your own terms?

I’m a Business Coach who helps women start their own Moving Box Rental Business so they can work as much (or as little) as they want.

Here's the truth...

building your own business is entirely possible.

and i'm proof OF THAT.

nice to meet you!

My name is Carrie Mifsud and I help other women start the same Tote Rental Business that I run from my home, within 100 days.

I have a passion for helping other women achieve the same freedom and level of income that I have, as a result of this Home Based Business.

When you start a business, you are typically on your own to figure it all out, right?! Why do that to yourself when you can be a part of a community of Women, surrounded by a supportive Business Coach?

Take a GIANT shortcut, and learn the best tips from a Rental Expert!

the power of your own rental business...


A rental business is one of the most flexible businesses you can start. Rentals are the perfect side business for a busy mom or woman to start.


Whether your goal is a side hustle or a full time business, a rental business will give you the freedom to choose.


I've built 2 successful rental businesses and this is an industry where the income potential has no limit.

What does this side hustle entail?

What is a Moving Box Rental Side Hustle?

This will summarize everything for you!  Listen to this 15 minute training (put me on double speed if you are short on time) so that you can understand how I help women start this Moving Box Rental Side Hustle within 14 weeks.  After watching, ensure you join the group!

start a side hustle or build a business

Want to join a community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs?

The ‘Moving Box Rental Side Hustle for Women’ Facebook Group is for women like you who want to build a business. We inspire, empower, and support you as a fellow female entrepreneur, to feel confident launching and running your very own Moving Box Rental Business from home. Our goal is to have you feel confident in this journey, and to feel supported and understood.

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