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hey, i'm Carrie

I am the President & Director of Business Coaching and Course Creation.  I help women launch a Moving Box Rental home based business in their own community!

My Story

Carrie is the President & Director of Business Coaching and Course Creation.  Fancy title huh?

She lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada but her students are mostly in the United States.  She has three kiddos who are currently 12, 15 and 16.  They definitely keep her on her toes!

She has been an entrepreneur since she was 23 years old.  When Carrie looks back, she cannot believe she started so young!  Entrepreneurship is definitely in her blood.

Carrie first began her entrepreneurial journey by owning a Pizza Franchise and slowly acquired very different businesses along the way.

It was Carrie’s 17 years of experience in the Rental Industry that prepared her for the Carrie’s Courses Corporation launch in 2021.

She took all of the business knowledge that she gained since 2003, and now teaches other women how to start a profitable Moving Box Rental Business. 

Carrie wants all women to have the same lifestyle that she has been able to have while staying home with the kids all of these years.

My Coaching Style

Carrie is always told how relatable and down to earth she is. She is very accommodating and kind, and always takes the time to listen to her client’s wishes, struggles, and story.

She loves to use her humour and make people smile, so her group coaching calls are always very light and laidback. With that said, her zoom meetings with the group are very structured so that no time is wasted.

Carrie goes above and beyond with support, and her students often comment on how well supported they feel, even after graduation.  She keeps in touch with all of her grads and encourages them to keep never give up.

Carrie always ensures that everyone gets a turn to discuss their issues or concerns during the Group Coaching Calls, and that nobody feels rushed or unimportant.

She wants everyone to feel heard and understood. If Carrie notices someone struggling, she will take the conversation offline after the meeting until the issues are resolved.

Carrie is very hands on, and aims to please. You will love working with her as she will make you feel important and supported through your own entrepreneurial journey!

Pack 'n Stack Moving Bin Rentals

Just before covid started, Carrie had this giant urge to start a new business. Little did she know that her other business would soon be shut down due to covid restrictions, so thank goodness that little birdy told her to try something new!

Owning a business in the Rental Industry was not new to her – she loved the concept. This time around, Carrie wanted to find something that offered longer term rentals with higher sales per customer. And she figured it out!

Carrie called it Pack ‘n Stack Moving Bin Rentals. She delivers sanitized moving boxes to people’s homes or offices. They use these to pack up their old home or office.

They stack perfectly in the moving truck and are easy to pack since you do not need to find cardboard boxes or use tape! Then after her customers have moved, Carrie picks up the totes and prepares them for the next customer. Super simple!

Pack ‘n Stack really blew up into a successful business fast, even during Covid. In the summer of 2021, she decided to expand and start teaching people how to get into the Moving Box Rental Business. And so Carrie’s Courses Corporation was born!

Jack of all Spades

This was Carrie’s first experience getting involved in the Rental Industry. She started Jack of all Spades back in 2007 and she rents games to people who are having parties.

Some examples are Blackjack Tables, Poker Tables, Roulette Tables, Plinko (just like you see on the Price is Right), Bean Bag Toss, Jail & Bail, Crown & Anchor, etc.

She built this business from the ground up, having no previous experience at all. Now Jack of all Spades is the largest Casino and Party Rental company in the region.

Each year her sales have grown and she has even employed Dealers to run the games.

However, with covid restrictions, this business was shut down for 18 months!  It has since resumed as events are no longer banned (for now).

Luckily Carrie started Pack ’n Stack Moving Bin Rentals before covid so this has carried her through some tough times.

With the moving boxees being sanitized, covid did not affect her sales. Carrie still runs Jack of all Spades, but it is very very part time now. Which is just fine actually, as she can now focus on Carrie’s Courses Corporation – as this is truly where her heart is!

start a side hustle or build a business

Want to join a community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs?

The ‘Moving Box Rental Side Hustle for Women’ Facebook Group is for women like you who want to build a business. We inspire, empower, and support you as a fellow female entrepreneur, to feel confident launching and running your very own Side Business. Our goal is to have you feel confident in this journey, and to feel supported and understood.