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The easiest way to know what it is like to work with Carrie, is to hear straight from other women who have worked with her recently!  These female entrepreneurs that took Carrie‘s Ultimate Side Hustle Course will share their stories and will explain what it was like to go through the program.  Everyone you are hearing from are recent graduates and they will answer all of your questions related to what YOU can expect by being a part of the program. 

Meet Tanya

You will get answers to the following questions such as:
  • why she wanted to start a moving box business
  • what intrigued her about it
  • what fears she had about it
  • what she expected going into it
  • why she chose this program specifically
  • why she chose Carrie as their Business Coach
  • what her family thought about them joining
  • what surprised her about the course
  • what her favourite part was
  • how many hours a week she dedicated to the program
  • what she thought about the layout and group coaching segment
  • whether she recommended this program to other women
  • whether she could have successfully launched as quickly without Carrie‘s structured course and ongoing support.

Meet Serina

What you will find, is that our previous students claim how they have gained skills that they can carryover to their other businesses too, as a result of working with Carrie
The common theme is that they loved the group dynamic, and the fact that they could bounce ideas off of other women and learn from each other’s experiences. 
They loved the knowledge gained, the visuals, the support, and the video format that took them step by step from start to finish.
Many of the women were surprised at how much value they received, as well as the level of support. 
They loved the tech support aspect as most of them had never built a website before and were tech challenged. 

Meet Bo

Most of Carrie’s students are:
  • single moms
  • women with small children
  • women with adult children
  • married women
  • divorced women
  • women entering retirement age
  • and of course… serial entrepreneurs.


Are you in any of those stages of life right now?  


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