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Rental Business Blueprint


The only program designed to help you start a tote rental business.

This is not a generic program or course. This is a step-by-step blueprint to creating an entire business from scratch! Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or are looking for a new business to start, this is the program for you.

Are you ready to be fully supported while you start a new exciting business opportunity?

Best side hustle to start...

We recommend you start a Tote Rental Business

It is the best Side Hustle around!  Your customers will rent packing totes (that look similar to these here) from you, and use them to move their home or office. Then you will receive these totes back and give them to the next customer.   

A Rental Business is the smartest business model that Carrie knows of, and she has been a part of this industry since 2007.

Want to know the potential for profit with this business, and what it entails? 

Watch this video series here to get more information.

3 Part (FREE) Video Series

Discusses the benefits of the often overlooked Rental Industry. You can run this Side Hustle from home, and you can work the hours that you want and make as much money as you want. 

We talk about the Tote Rental Industry and the costs involved in starting this type of business or side hustle.  We discuss how much you can anticipate spending to start this, how much each customer may pay, and how much profit this has the potential to make you.

Learn exactly how to get started. We give you 3 options:
1) Figure it out on your own
2) Take a 4 week course on your own
3) Take a 12-14 week course with full support

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Side Hustle Course Graduates say...

Carrie, I can’t speak for everyone but this course has been extremely smooth for me. I have been my own roadblock, nothing in your course. It is hard to believe it is a BETA course. I have really enjoyed your videos. I giggle a lot when I watch them. How many times you say “isn’t this fun?” and just your overall laid back approach is so nice.

Serina Jobe Nelson

Everything has been smooth for me too! Lots of invaluable information (that i can use across all of my business)!

Carissa Nicole

Shout out to Carrie for the set up of this course!  I just completed the info and videos she published today for us today and its fantastic.  Loving the set up, tips, and flow so far!

Tanya Andrews

You covered way way more than I anticipated or would have even thought of. You thought of everything! I have taken so many courses and paid 10 times as much that delivered way less! Thanks for an amazing course. It went above and beyond what I expected!! As did the support you provided.

Serina Nelson

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i'm your future business coach

My name is Carrie Mifsud and I help other women start the same Tote Rental Business that I run from my home.

I have a passion for helping other women achieve the same freedom and level of income that I have, as a result of this Home Based Business.

When you start a Side Hustle, you are typically on your own to figure it all out, right?! Why do that to yourself when you can be a part of a community of Women, surrounded by a supportive Business Coach?

Take a GIANT shortcut, and learn the best tips from a Side Hustle Expert!

the power of your own rental business...


A rental business is one of the most flexible businesses you can start. Rentals are the perfect side business for a busy mom or woman to start.


Whether your goal is a side hustle or a full time business, a rental business will give you the freedom to choose.


I've built 2 successful rental businesses and this is one industry where the income potential has no limit.


U-Haul is all about DIY.  Carrie shows students how to provide a full service to their clients where they deliver and pick up the totes.  This makes you stand out against U-Haul, and therefore they don’t even compare to your full service company.  They have not affected Carrie’s sales whatsoever.  

Carrie teaches students how to service local customers only.  There are other companies that will offer cross country moves.  We keep our business model simple and only look at customers that are within about an hour’s drive max from us.  But you get to decide how many kms/miles you want to travel.

You will always have the freebie seekers.  The ones that will always look for the cheapest way to do things and will take any free cardboard they can get from people.

These are not your people!

For the others who are used to paying for cardboard, your pricing will be similar to this.  And once they see the convenience that your company offers, it will be a no brainer to make the switch.

No more assembly, and no more tape!

You deliver and pick up – no more hassle during such a stressful time for your clients.

You will be loved and cherished!  Trust us!  Just wait for the love you and smiles you will receive.  Nothing but happy customers.

Carrie has 300, and can handle a max of 10 customers per month.  Then she is sold out.  If she wants to make more money, then she buys more totes.  But if she is happy with her 10-15 hours a week (which she is), 300 is perfect.  Carrie recommends that you purchase a minimum of 250, but 300 to 500 is a great number to start with.

You will need the totes, which are approximately $20 USD per tote.  This varies greatly depending on where you are located.  You will want dollies too (around $75 each), a folding table, cleaning supplies, and a large enough vehicle to transport everything.  Carrie uses her family minivan to do deliveries and has never needed anything larger.

You won’t find “Tote Communities” on Facebook.  They don’t exist!  By joining our course, you will get a community of women to bounce ideas off of, as well as Carrie who has been in the Rental Industry since 2007.  She shares what to do, and definitely what NOT to do!

You can also be a part of an exclusive community that meets MONTHLY with previous students, so you can grow and learn from each other while you all independently grow your businesses. 

The unique thing is that none of us are competition for each other!  Carrie will not accept people into the program if they are a direct competitor to another previous student.  You can borrow ideas from other previous students and all work together to help each other succeed.  That is extremely unique!

Well not only do you get to learn while you listen to Carrie coach someone else, but other students have some fabulous input!

They will offer lots of feedback and ideas that you might not of thought of.  You can bounce ideas off of everyone in the group. 

You can even share your ideas and images in the private facebook group and have everyone vote to help you make decisions!

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