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Side Hustle Ideas For Moving Business Owners

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Imagine this: Your moving trucks are parked, the crew is off-duty, and you’re pondering how to make the most of your resources during the off-season or downtime. If you’re a moving business owner with an entrepreneurial spirit, why not consider a side hustle? But not just any side venture—consider one that capitalizes on your already established assets, client base, and skill set. 

Here are 9 profit-making side hustle ideas for moving business owners: 

1. Rent Out Your Trucks

When your moving trucks are sitting idle, they’re not just taking up space—they’re missing out on making you extra income. Think about offering them for local events that need transportation, film shoots looking for specific vehicles, or even turning them into mobile billboards for advertising campaigns.

2. Offer Storage Solutions

You already have the space and the means to transport goods. Why not offer temporary storage solutions? This could be particularly lucrative during transitional periods for families or businesses. The self-storage industry is growing steadily, so you can make a good amount of passive income through it. 

3. Junk Removal Services

Your crew is skilled in lifting and transporting items. Offering junk removal services can be a natural extension of your moving business. You could even take it a step further by partnering with local recycling centers or thrift stores. This not only makes the process smoother but also adds an eco-friendly or charitable angle to your services.

4. Event Logistics

You could offer services for setting up and breaking down events, transporting specialized equipment, or even transforming your trucks into temporary stages. This opens up a whole new avenue of business opportunities, from local festivals and trade shows to weddings and corporate events. 

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5. Home Staging

Real estate agents often require home staging services to make properties more appealing to potential buyers. Your moving business already has the necessary equipment and manpower to transport furniture and set up homes for viewing. You can work with one agent on a trial basis to see if transporting furniture and decor is within your scope of interest. 

6. Local Tours

If you operate in a tourist-friendly area, consider offering local tours. Modify one of your smaller trucks to provide a unique sightseeing experience. This could be a seasonal operation that takes advantage of your local knowledge and existing resources.

7. E-commerce Fulfillment

With e-commerce on the rise, many businesses are grappling with challenges related to storage and order fulfillment. You already have warehouse space and trucks, so why not pivot a bit and offer these services? You could even carve out a niche for yourself by specializing in the storage and delivery of bulky or fragile items that require extra care. 

8. Moving Consultancy

Consider offering consultancy services to startups in the moving business or individuals who are planning a move but feel overwhelmed. You could create digital courses, write eBooks, or even offer personalized one-on-one consultations. This not only establishes you as an authority in the field but also provides an additional income stream that doesn’t require physical labor or resources. 

9. Moving Box Rentals 

As a moving business owner, you already have a built-in clientele who trust your services. Why not offer them a greener, more sustainable choice by renting out industry-grade moving boxes? You can choose to go all out and bring in eco-conscious customers into your business or market it as an add-on service via email marketing. 

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