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Is A Rental Business A Good Side Hustle For Me?

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If you’ve been sleeping on rental businesses yet, it’s time to wake up and find out its potential. It isn’t about real estate; it’s about the high profit, low stress niche of renting out equipment, reusable moving boxes, and party essentials like chairs and tables. But is this the right side hustle for you? As your rental coach, I’m here to break down what you need to make this growing venture your own and see if it fits your life and skills.

1. Sizeable storage space 

Whether it’s a spacious garage at your home or a rented storage unit, you need a secure place to store your inventory and a dedicated space inside to clean your rentals. Make sure this space is well-protected from rain and doesn’t get too hot during summers. The way you store your rental units will extend their life and directly reflect the quality of service you provide. 

2. Reliable transportation options 

With reliable transportation including a large SUV, truck, or a small van, you can smoothly deliver and pick up items. This vehicle is more than a means of transport; it’s a mobile advertisement for your business, if you choose to wrap it with your branding. 

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3. Physical strength 

This job isn’t just about managing bookings; it requires you to be physically strong. You should be comfortable lifting items weighing 25-30 lbs. With strength and agility, you can move your equipment quickly, which accounts for a huge chunk of the active time you spend in this business. Look for equipment like dollies that will make transportation smoother. 

4. City Population Size 

Your city’s size matters. Operating in an area with at least 40,000 to 50,000 residents ensures a steady stream of potential customers. This guarantees year-round business, from small family gatherings to larger community events. Network with real estate agents, event and party planners, content creators, and businesses in your city to spread the word. This will also help you find out the fastest way to reach your target audience. 

5. Financial Investment 

Starting a rental business requires an upfront investment because you have to invest in quality items and in quantity.. For instance, launching a moving box rental service means purchasing at least 200 boxes, which could cost around US$4,000. With this initial investment, you can maintain a rotation of the rental items. Invest only in industry-grade products because they are the foundation of your business and also will reduce the chances of having to buy new units regularly. As your business grows, you can add more units or even diversify to offer more types of rentals. 

Over the last few years, I’ve helped several people across the globe build and grow their rental moving box side hustle. And I’m here to help you with the same. This is not a get rich easy scheme but a business that’s built on sustainability and automation. 

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