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How To Avoid A Side Hustle Burnout

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In 2023, side hustles are a part and parcel of many people’s lives. Rising inflation and a plunging economy have compelled people to invest their free time into earning some extra cash. The ‘gig’ economy is more relevant than ever. Did you know over 45% Americans had a side hustle in 2022? 

If you think about it, side hustles are a blessing in disguise. They give you the ability to work from home, build an independent career, and potentially restart your career after being a stay-at-home momma for a few years.

However, not all side hustles are made equal. Some require more active time or special skills, while others are more passive. This factor directly affects the energy it requires, which can sometimes cause a burnout.  

Top Three Ways To Avoid a Side Hustle Burnout

1. Set an End to Your Day

The main reason why a side hustle may lead to burnout is 24/7 availability. Being a part of the ‘gig economy’ means choosing how available you want to be for your clients. However, it is essential to prioritise your own needs first.

The key is to set a time to end your day. Ask yourself at what hour will you stop responding to work calls? At what time will you stop checking your work emails?

After you set an end to your side hustle, the burnout you are feeling begins to dissipate. Developing a ‘wrap-up’ time also helps forge better boundaries with clients about when they can reach you and how they can communicate in an emergency. All in all, setting an end to the day will help your side hustle ideas grow and provide adequate rest.

how to avoid a side hustle burnout, side hustle coaching in us, side hustle for women

2. Breaks Are Important To Avoid Burnout

If you find yourself working through a lunch break, hopping into bed really late at night, or not feeling well-rested even after multiple rounds of napping, maybe it is time to give yourself a break. Remember that with adequate breaks and holidays, your creativity and productivity will double. Schedule breaks through the day in the form of walks, reading, napping, or playing with your pets.

3. Do Not Push Beyond Your Limits

Besides helping you earn money, your side hustle should be a passion project. It should help you feel more confident, independent, and content.

But, to feel happy and satisfied while side-hustling, it is essential to take things slow. Of course, when your business is in an embryonic stage, the tendency to persevere against all odds can be overpowering. Set short-term goals and every time you meet one, reward yourself with a self-care activity to break the monotony. 

The solution is to take things one day at a time while still having a plan. When things start to overwhelm you, take a step back. For the next few days, only do three tasks every day. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and boost your confidence. Once you are well rested, add a few more tasks every few days to go back to your productivity level. 

Starting a side hustle can be transformative. You can also turn it into a full-time business with the right guidance and support from an experienced business coach like Carrie. An entrepreneur by profession, Carrie will guide you, ensure you’re heard, and support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.