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How To Find The Best Side Hustle

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Are you a stay-at-home momma thinking of starting a side hustle? Something that lets you work on your business when the kids are in school? Well let me tell you… finding the right side hustle is not easy!

Women can do anything because we are simply amazing! To choose a side hustle that’s just the right on for you, you should first list down your strengths and skills. Then, create a list of side hustles that require those skills, so you don’t have to learn anything from scratch.

Next decide the amount of money you wish to earn annually and monthly. Can this side hustle you have in mind provide that level of income? Ideally, it should bring you $750 to $1500 minimum monthly if you dedicate around 10 hours every week.

Finally, consider the amount of time, effort, and money you can invest in the process and make sure that it is a good fit for your current lifestyle. You will find many side hustle ideas that need zero investment but they are usually saturated and need some high-level skills.

If it is not a good fit, are you willing to change your current routines to make room for this new side hustle?

All you really need to start a side hustle is a great entrepreneurial spirit, some basic tools, and a strong work ethic. Does that sound like you?

The best part about side hustling is that you can manage it at home. Working women, stay at home moms and homemakers can take advantage of a side hustle opportunity.

But, the pertinent question is that in a sea of ‘side hustles,’ how do you find the best home-based business for women? Let me help you out!

Here’s how you can find a revenue-generating side hustle: 

1. Perform a personal audit

The first step in finding the most profitable side business is introspection. Take a step back, sit down, and contemplate your strengths and weaknesses. What would you consider your best skills? What do you think helps you stand out from the crowd? Remember to create a mindmap and underline the competencies that can help you gain professional traction.

For example, if you love makeup and have dexterity in art, then open an Instagram page and start creating content. You’ll find tons of tutorials on YouTube, which are a great starting point. In due time, you can begin offering makeup courses to others, become a freelance makeup artist, and even take off as a content creator or beauty influencer.

right side hustle for you, rental tote business courses, start a side hustle with a business coach

2. Be honest about your availability

After you have a handy list of skills and interests and a well thought out side-business plan in mind, the next step is being honest about your availability and the responsibility you can take. Be realistic about your current routine and the changes you can accommodate. For example, prepare an outline of the days you usually have off from your main job or the hours you can dedicate to the side hustle after completing your childcare and/or household duties.

The key is to remain truthful to yourself and examine when you would have free time: mornings, evenings, weekends, or on some special occasions. You do not want to be working around the clock. So, it is best to have a preemptive plan.

Lastly, find out when you feel the most motivated to make more money and try engaging in your side hustle during that hour.

3. Investigate the income potential of your side hustle

Not all side hustles are made equal: some require a big investment, whereas others can be managed more or less without spending money initially. Some side hustles are fun but low paying, whereas others are arduous but equally lucrative.

The key is to introspect again and understand why you are stepping into side hustles in the first place. A clear understanding of your financial goals can help to find the most profitable side business.

For example, do you want extra money to pay off debt or go on a vacation with your friends? Or are you a full-time homemaker attempting to find a viable independent career? The answer will determine the type of side hustle you should choose.

If your goal is to earn extra money for splurging on new shoes, then tasks like pet-sitting or working part-time at retail can do the trick. However, if you want to make a substantial amount of money by side hustling, then blogging, freelance writing, or starting a moving box rental business is a great start.

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