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8 Tips To Change Your Mindset And Make You More Creative

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It is obvious to assume that creativity is something you’re born with, but that’s not true. It’s actually a skill that can be developed and honed over time. You can do so much with creativity from innovation to artistic expression. It also keeps us open to new ideas and feel inspired by the world around us. Creative people make the best entrepreneurs. Growing the skill takes time but by setting everyday challenges, you’ll soon feel the difference in both your personal and professional life. 

Here are eight tips to help you change your mindset and boost creativity:

1. Act Like a Creative Person

So, who is a creative person? They are someone who dedicates time to engage in creative tasks whether it is writing, painting, or finding innovative solutions for conventional problems. That’s what you start with. If you aren’t sure what your strength is, spend a few days with each. You don’t need to create something entirely unique out of the gate but instead take inspiration from other creatives. 

2. Harness Creative Energy

Engage in activities that boost your energy and then channel it into your creative endeavors. There’s research that supports it. For example, working out releases happy hormones and also gives you a clarity of mind, which is the perfect state of mind to dive into creative projects. 

3. Surround Yourself with Creative People 

When you surround yourself with creative people, you are pushed to take on your own creative journey. Talk about your ideas to them and ask them for suggestions and perspectives. You can also start projects together and hold each other accountable for completing them. Watching documentaries and interviews of creative people is also a good way to keep the juices flowing. 

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4. Contribute to Other Creative Projects

Collaboration leads to inspiration. By helping others with their creative projects, you not only gain insights and new ideas but also build a supportive network that can propel your own projects forward​​. 

5. Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Whenever there is a problem most people choose the tried and tested solutions. Instead of that, think of the box. How can you solve the problem in less time? How can you solve the problem so it doesn’t occur again? Create mental restrictions for yourself and turn challenges into opportunities. 

6. Create a Space for Focus

Find a comfortable space in your home or office that’s free from distractions. Decorate this place with blue things. According to color psychology, blue makes you feel calm and at peace, which in turn brings out creativity. 

7. Let yourself Daydream a Little 

If you are one of those people that need to scroll apps in your free time, you are forcing yourself to be uncreative. This interesting study found that people who are bored perform better on creative tasks than those who are busy, distracted, or relaxed. Daydreaming is a way to question the “what ifs” and “what nots” and aids in creativity. 

8. Don’t Forget to Reward yourself 

While rewarding tasks that are intrinsically rewarding can lower motivation, rewarding yourself for creativity has the opposite effect. Remember to keep the rewards for achieving major creative goals only. 

Just like building any other habit, becoming creative takes time. Practice creativity in some form everyday and push yourself to think out of the box.