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The Ultimate List Of Side Hustles For Realtors

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As a real estate agent, only you know how hard you have to work to find clients, help them with staging or viewing multiple properties, and then there’s the never ending paperwork. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could turn your real estate clients into clients for your other businesses or side hustles? There’s nothing better than building a side hustle that compliments your real estate business. You create a passive income stream that requires little to no marketing and provides you with extra money to pursue your dreams and other businesses.

Here’s a list of 5 ultimate side hustles for realtors: 

1. Real estate photography and videography 

Realtors know the importance of great photographs when selling a property. Great photos and videos of the property means it’s likely to sell faster and probably higher than the listed price. With your experience and knowledge of the industry, you can easily transition into real estate photography as a side hustle. Taking high-quality photos for your clients and fellow realtors doesn’t need a lot of equipment either. All you’ll need is a good smartphone and some knowledge of lighting, angles, and staging.  

2. Real estate consulting 

As a realtor, you can use their expertise and knowledge to offer real estate consulting services as a side hustle. You can provide advice on property investment, market trends, and the buying and selling process. Charge an hourly consultation fee and offer an option for virtual, phone, as well as in-person services. 

3. Real estate coaching

Getting a real estate license isn’t enough to become a good realtor. As a coach, you can offer advice on lead generation, marketing strategies, negotiation skills, and more. Many real estate coaching programs allow you to work remotely, making it a flexible and convenient side hustle. It is also a great opportunity to expand your professional network and build relationships with other realtors and industry professionals.

4. Estate sales 

If you like organizing and managing pop-up shops, you should consider estate sales as a side hustle. It typically involves selling the personal belongings of someone who has recently passed away or is downsizing. It can also be a great opportunity to network with potential clients who may be looking to buy or sell a property in the future.

5. Moving Box Rentals

This is a side hustle that keeps giving. An average American moves 11.7 times in their lives, which means once you convert your existing client into your side hustle client, they are very likely to return to you. Owning a moving box rental business needs a one-time setup cost, which includes industry-grade moving boxes or totes, dollies, cleaning supplies, and any other packaging supplies.

A rental business coach can help you elevate your rental business and avoid any trial and error that you’ll have to go through typically. From business planning to finding commerical-grade moving boxes on a bulk discount, to setting up your website and automating the business, Carrie has got you covered.

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