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10 Ways To Squeeze Side Hustles Into Your Busy Schedule

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We all want to quit our full-time jobs and become entrepreneurs but we have bills to pay. But that doesn’t rule out a side hustle. A few hours every week can help you start something of your own if you can manage time and find ways to maximize productivity. Here are some ways that helped to find time and start my side hustles almost two decades ago: 

1. Prioritize Tasks

Make a list of all things you do everyday and then write them as per importance. See if there are any tasks that you can eliminate, club together, or handover to your partner or any family member. Free up time by spending less time on leisure activities like watching TV or spending time on social media. 

2. Wake Up Early

We all know the saying – the early bird gets the word. Wake up early so you can enjoy some quiet hours for side hustle work. That’s when your mind is the freshest, so make the most use of it. 

3. Use Commuting and Waiting Time

If you commute by public transport or often find yourself waiting (like at a doctor’s office), use that time to work on your side hustle. Reading, planning, answering emails, or listening to podcasts, all can be done during these gaps to increase your productivity.

4. Optimize Short Gaps

Even 15-30 minute gaps between activities can be a goldmine for small tasks. Use these short periods to accomplish quick tasks like social media updates, organizing tasks, or responding to side hustle-related emails. 

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5. Stay Organized

Connect your Zoom or Google Meet with your calendar, so you can track everything in one place. You can also add your to-do list app. Organization is key to fitting side hustle activities into a tight schedule.

6. Limit Social Media and TV Time

Did you know an average person spends 2 hours and 23 minutes per day on social media? It is a good break from the struggles of everyday life but not if it takes almost 3 hours of your day. Keep your phone aside and reallocate that time to your side projects.

7. Make Use of Lunch Breaks

Get one-hour lunch breaks at work? It is the perfect time to make phone calls, plans, or brainstorm ideas. Your mind is already active, so it’ll be easier to jump right back into work. If it doesn’t work for you, go to the gym during that hour and replace your workout hours with side hustle hours in the evening. 

8. Outsource and Delegate

For tasks that are necessary but not the best use of your time, consider outsourcing. This includes anything from household chores to certain business tasks like social media posting, blog writing, and advertising, so you can focus on high-value activities. 

9. Turn Travel Time into Productive Time

If travel is a part of your job, use those hours to work on your side hustle. Flights or long train rides can be perfect for focusing on more in-depth work or learning a new skill without interruptions.

10. Set Specific Goals and Deadlines

Create SMART goals and set deadlines to keep up the motivation and focus. 

Knowing what you are working on a deadline pushes to mentally to use your time better. Add a reward for every major task you achieve, which acts as a different kind of deadline. 

Take baby steps and incorporate these habits into your everyday life. Atomic Habits is an excellent book to read if you truly want to create a change in your lifestyle.