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6 Top Weekend Side Hustles In 2024

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When the weekend rolls around, do you feel a lack of purpose? Do you feel that you can use a few hours every weekend doing something productive? What better way to achieve purpose and productivity than a weekend side hustle?! 

Side hustles mentioned in this blog are those that use your skills and offer you a chance to be different from others. Let’s explore top 6 weekend side hustles in 2024:

1. Wedding Photography and Videography

Nowadays, each wedding has two photographers if the party size is higher than 50 guests. Specialize in a particular style such as documentary, fine art, or candid photography and find a co-photographer or videographer to work with. Wedding photographers and videographers can earn between $1,000 to $5,000 per event. 

You can even get paid extra for destination weddings. Build a stunning portfolio on Instagram and TikTok because that’s where your clients are looking for you. While you build organic traffic and followers, run small-budget ads, whatever your budget allows. 

2. One-on-One Tutoring

Whether it’s academic subjects, musical instruments, or foreign languages, personalized tutoring is in high demand. Tutors can charge $30 to $100 per hour, depending on their expertise, the subject’s complexity, and the tutoring level. 

Parents are willing to pay a premium for tutors who can provide undivided attention to their children. Similarly, adults also want to learn new skills like languages and website development and prefer the flexibility and intensity of one-on-one sessions. Beyond building a good portfolio on an online tutoring platform, you can also share about it on your personal social media. 

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3. Moving Box Rental Business

As eco-consciousness rises, so does the appeal of sustainable moving solutions. Since it is a growing side hustle, you will only have a handful of moving box rental services in any city. This is your chance to capitalize on the growing eco-conscious industry by offering eco-friendly, durable moving solutions with customizable packages. 

You can partner with local moving companies, real estate agents, and advertise on platforms frequented by people planning a move. Social media ads targeting your local area is also an effective tool for this side hustle. We have just the perfect side hustle course to get you started! 

4. Specialized Workshop Facilitator

If you have a DIY skill like candle-making, stitching, knitting, or cooking, you can easily capitalize on them by hosting weekend workshops. Real value lies in the experience and hands-on learning you provide, so create a workshop flow and always have something for students to take back home. 

People are looking for fun workshops to attend with their friends, daughters, and sisters. While this side hustle needs a sizable investment, you can bring in some friends together and bring it to life. Most of your budget will be used for securing a venue, supplies and materials, furniture, and marketing and advertising. 

5. Custom Furniture Making and Restoration

From creating bespoke designs to upcycling second-hand furniture, custom furniture restoration is a growing industry. Start with basic projects that you can flip for a small profit and learn new craftsmanship skills as you go ahead. You can also attend 1-day workshops and courses to speed up that process. Showcase your work on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, which can also be the platforms to sell your creations. 

6. Tech Support Services

Many tech companies are looking specifically for weekend or emergency technical support as most of their employees work on a weekday schedule. You need certain years of experience and certificates and qualifications and can easily earn between $50 to $100 hourly. 

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