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How To Find Blog Topics For Your Moving Box Business Website?

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With artificial intelligence used so actively for blog writing, creating content on basic topics that many businesses write about will not grow your content. You need to dig deeper and go beyond online keyword and blog topic research. The reusable packing material industry in the US is currently $109.09 billion and is expected to grow rapidly to $186.34 billion by 2033. It is clear that your business will work but how successful it will be depends on how you reach your target audience and your service standards. We hope this blog offers you a fresh and innovative approach for your business blog. 

Offline strategies

Many business owners get stuck in endless online cycles of checking competitor’s blogs, industry blogs, and research tools. Here are some offline strategies that work well:

1. Understand your audience

Your audience is the core of your moving business strategy. Are they first-time homebuyers, college students moving to dorms, or families relocating across the country? Why would they pick you over cardboard moving boxes? Understand their pain points and ask them questions. You can reach out to your target audience through local Facebook groups and conduct 5-10 minute interviews.

Ask them questions like – How often do they move? What is their budget for moving supplies? Do they struggle with storage for a few days in between storage? 

2. Routinely run customer surveys

Every time you complete a customer order, send them a survey within the first few days. It could be an anonymous survey so they offer true feedback. Ask them about the service, sanitation, and price point. 

3. Reflect on your own experience

Have you encountered a moving challenge that you creatively solved? Write content that is shareable and relatable. Make a few videos for TikTok and Instagram and link them back to your business. It shows that you understand your customers’ journeys, not just as a business but as someone who’s been there too.

4. Talk to people in your community 

Local community events, home shows, or even casual conversations can spark ideas. Reach out to a local real estate agent and ask them what issues their clients face when moving. Write a blog offering a solution even if it doesn’t directly market your product. Talk to movers and packers about how they handle valuable items and if they would prefer a sturdier option for cardboard boxes.

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Online strategies 

Once you have your audience’s opinions, you can use online tools to nail down the topics: 

5. Learn social listening

Use platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, or specialized forums to monitor conversations about moving, packing, or home buying. What are people excited about? What are their biggest challenges? Is there a growing interest in sustainable moving options? Go undercover and post questions in your city forum about reusable moving options and how they feel about them. 

6. Work with seasonal topics 

The moving industry is inherently seasonal, with peaks typically in summer. Plan your content calendar around these trends. Offer tips for moving in hot weather or how to secure a moving company when everyone else is also trying to move. Use Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner to research rising searches in real time. 

7. Analyze your competitors 

Check out your competitors’ websites and social media for fresh ideas and find ways to add more value to the content before posting on your website. Your goal isn’t to replicate their content but to identify gaps you can fill with your unique insights and solutions.

8. Scan Google for commonly asked questions 

Type in your target keywords in Google. For example – reusable moving boxes. Scroll down until you find the “People Also Ask” section. Every time you click on a question, it adds a few more to the list. Some of my search results in section are Is it safe to reuse moving boxes?, Is cardboard or plastic better for moving?, Can you use plastic boxes for moving?, and How can I move without boxes?. Build content around these questions to rank your blogs quickly. 

The moving box rental business is quickly expanding. While education will be a big part of your marketing strategy, you can create an impact and grow sustainably. Interested to know more about our 14-Week Moving Box Rental Side Hustle Course? Book a Clarity Call With Carrie today!