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9 Practical Side Hustle For Moms To Make Money In 2024

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As a mom of young kids, finding a side hustle that fits into your busy life in 2024 can be a game-changer. It’s not just about making extra money; it’s about engaging in something fulfilling and flexible, networking with like minded people, and following your passion. 

Here are 9 practical side hustle ideas for busy moms in 2024:

1. Moving Box Rentals

Whether you live in a small or big city, people move often. Waste generated while moving quickly adds up and a lot of it can be avoided by alternative moving options. One of which is reusable moving boxes made with industry-grade plastic that can be rented and has a working life of over 10 years. This is a fairly new side hustle idea but one that can be scaled by ease. 

You can take bookings through a website and set schedules according to your kids’ schedules. Carrie’s Courses offers an excellent 14-week course focused on helping women start a moving box rental side hustle. For more details, book a Clarity Call with Carrie and discover this side hustle’s earning potential.  

2. Personalized Meal Planning Services

Leverage your cooking skills and understanding of nutrition to offer personalized meal plans. Busy professionals and families often struggle to find time for meal planning. You can start a meal planning service that caters to a specific audience. Choose an audience for your weekly frozen meal service, so it’s easy to market and lets you work within your comfort zone. 

Toddlers or school going kids, working professionals, and new moms are some target audience options. Your service can include grocery lists and cooking tips for them to make the meals by themselves.  

3. Home Organization Consultant

If you have a knack for organizing, turn it into a business. Offer your services to help others declutter and organize their homes. This side hustle is incredibly satisfying as you can see the results right away and flexible, as you can schedule sessions according to your availability. 

4. Children’s Book Author

Channel your inner storyteller and write children’s books. With self-publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Barnes and Noble Press, you can publish your stories easily. Since children’s books have fewer pages, you can release a series of books and sell them as bundles. 

Your kids are your target audience, so you can ask them for input about characters they like seeing in stories and work with an illustrator to bring them to life. 

A working mom teaching crafts to kids as her side hustle.

5. Craft and DIY Workshop Instructor

Host themed workshops during events or birthday parties for kids. You can also host online workshops from the comfort of your home. Some great craft workshop ideas include knitting, different styles of painting, jewelry making, bath bomb making, paper crafts, and textile dying. 

6. Local Tour Guide

If you live in an area with tourist attractions, this is your perfect change of becoming a local tour guide. More and more tourists are seeking experiences through a local’s viewpoint, so you can use this to create an experience that takes them to your favorite spots. Add personal touches like ending the tour with a local ice cream or cooking a feast with your guests. 

7. Eco-Friendly Home Products Creator

Create and sell eco-friendly home products, like natural cleaning solutions or zero-waste kitchen tools. Sustainability is a growing trend in the US with over 78% people saying that they factor it in while making purchase decisions. Make products in small batches to minimize waste and time spent. 

8. Fitness Instructor for Moms

Fitness classes for moms is an untapped market and something you can easily specialize in with the right certifications. You can provide postnatal workouts, yoga sessions, or even dance fitness classes. You can offer these classes online or in local community centers at times that are convenient for you.

9. Podcast Host on Parenting

Start a podcast on parenting where you can share experiences, interview experts, and build a community of fellow moms. Most moms especially in the early years of parenthood are exhausted and feel lost and having a retable podcast host will bring them comfort. 

2024 is all about balancing work and life. Find a side hustle you are passionate about and start working on it today!