When can you safely quit your full time job?

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If you look back at all of your jobs that you have had in your life, surely you have quit from time to time, right? When did you know that it was time to call it quits?

Why women leave their jobs

First let’s look at the reasons why you may have thrown in the towel at your workplace.

  • disliked boss
  • disliked coworker(s)
  • hours did not work with what you wanted/needed
  • unsatisfied with the salary
  • commute too far
  • switched from part time to full time, or visa versa
  • had a baby
  • moved out of town
  • got another job offer
  • side hustle brought in enough money so you could quit comfortably

And the list could go on and on! Maybe you can relate to some of those reasons if you think back.

If you are wealthy enough and are unhappy, just quit! Haha.

But for most of us, quitting on the fly is not an option. The majority of us need to make sure we either have something lined up to move to, or are super financially secure so that we can last a short time while we find something else.

I guess if the circumstances are that bad, you just quit.

However, I cannot think of a time where I quit without having something else lined up. But I am Mrs. Responsibility 😇 so that should come as no surprise.

My advice is that if you can stick it out long enough… wait till you find something else, and then give your notice. There are no guarantees that in today’s market, you can find something better right away.

If you cannot wait to quit, then cross your fingers and hope for the best! 😳

In my experience, I could always tough it out, but I can certainly appreciate that sometimes situations seem desperate and there is no other choice but to quit on the spot.

Side hustle gives you more freedom to quit

You might have a Side Hustle while doing your other part time or full time job. This certainly makes the decision easier, because at least you still have money coming in.

Maybe your side hustle makes as much as (or more than) your other job! If this is the case, you should have no worries about letting the other income stream slip away while you sort things out.

This is the ideal situation, and it is one that I can certainly relate to.

In 2007 I had my first kiddo and was on maternity leave. In Ontario, Canada where I reside, I was able to take a full 12 months paid leave. Not bad right?

Side hustle gives you more freedom to quit your full time job

While on maternity leave, I started a Side Hustle. It was getting bigger and bigger by the day, but it had not replaced my income quite yet. So I went back to work after my 12 month period was over.

Soon after I returned, I got pregnant once again. 🙈 Oops. So I only worked a few months and was off again.

While on my 2nd maternity leave, I grew the business so large that I nearly replaced my income. Now it made sense to leave my full time job since I could stay home with the kids, save thousands on daycare costs, and make the same amount of money.

When is the Right time for you to quit?

You will just know as long as you follow your intuition. You (and only you) will know when you have reached your breaking point.

As I mentioned if you can stick it out, stick it out. Just have a solid plan to make this big change in your life so that you don’t get stuck there and become disgruntled and discouraged.

I hope that you are not faced with a situation where you ever have to abruptly quit without thinking it through.

These days we have plenty of subscriptions to services and so many automatic deductions from our bank accounts, that we depend on regular income to be deposited in order to carry on with our preferred lifestyles.

However, having a Side Hustle sure lessens the blow and makes your finances more manageable at times like this.

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