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6 Side Hustles For Teachers In 2024

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A teacher is saying hi to a parent and a child on a laptop screen. She is teaching letters virtually as a part of her side hustle.

Hey there, teachers! Are you looking to add some extra income in 2024 without limiting yourself to the education field? You’re already superheroes in the classroom, but who says you can’t channel your talents into profitable ventures outside school hours? In this blog we’ll introduce to you some teaching and non-teaching related startups that go well with your skills as a teacher. 

Here 6 unique side hustles for teachers in 2024:

1. Online Private Tutoring

Platforms like VIPKid or Chegg Tutors are good choices to connect with students across North America and beyond. The online tutoring market globally is expected to generate $278 billion in revenue by 2026, so this is the perfect time to start this side hustle. 

You can offer help in subjects you’re passionate about, from math to music, at times that suit your schedule. There’s a growing demand for personalized learning, and as a teacher, you’re perfectly positioned to meet this need.

2. Educational Content Creation 

Use free platforms like YouTube and TikTok to create content that breaks down complex topics into engaging, easy-to-understand formats. Whether it’s science experiments, historical facts, or literary analysis, don’t be afraid to showcase your unique teaching style. As your account gains traction, you can open an educational blog, which you can monetize through ads, sponsorships, or memberships. 

3. Writing Educational Materials 

Writing textbooks, lesson plans, or educational eBooks can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding. Websites like Teachers Pay Teachers are a trusted platform to sell your materials to other educators. This side hustle requires a bit more time than others. 

Textbook writing is ideal for teachers who want to explore niche subjects and offer fresh perspectives, while lesson plans and teaching resources provide practical, ready-to-use materials for fellow educators. Educational eBooks is a whole new category where you can delve into teaching strategies or subject-specific guides. 

A woman smiling and giving a thumb up. She is wearing headphones, glasses and sitting in front of a laptop providing virtual assistance as a part of her side hustle.

4. Virtual Assistance 

As a teacher you are well-skilled in time management and organisation. Both these skills are sought after in the virtual assistant market. As part of this side hustle, you will help businesses or busy professionals with email management, scheduling, social media post scheduling, and data entry, all from the comfort of your home.

5. Language Translation

Fluent in a second language? Translation services are in high demand, especially in the age of Ai. You can offer your skills to translate documents, websites, or even provide real-time translation services for meetings or conferences.

6. Moving Box Rentals 

If you’re an eco-conscious person, this scalable side hustle is perfect for you. This unique business idea involves renting out reusable moving boxes to individuals relocating their homes or offices.  It’s a simple business model –  customers rent packing totes from you, use them for their move, and then return them. 

As a teacher, you can manage this side hustle at your own pace, working from home and setting your own hours. Being a teacher, you can market this service to other teachers at your school.

We at Carrie’s Courses offer a 14-week online side hustle course focused on helping you create a successful moving box rental business from scratch. No shortcuts, no promises. Just an entrepreneur helping other people start a sustainable business. Schedule a Clarity Call with Carrie to learn more about this fresh business venture.